Yet more trees come down on old council depot site

Another morning of arboreal destruction on the opposite bank to the previous fellings.


When I first heard then saw what was happening I contacted the tree officer at Ryedale District Council to see if he knew about it:

“They’re within their rights to do what they want with their trees, they own the land”. he said.

“They don’t need permission?” I asked.

“No, it’s not in the conservation zone, it’s because he wants to build houses down there”.

“But that hasn’t even got planning permission yet! What if he doesn’t get it – that means they have all come down for nothing”.

“They’ll grow again, they’re only being pollarded”.

“No they’re not, they’re being cut at ground level”

And at that point there was nothing left to be said.

Britain has one of the lowest levels of tree cover in Europe and the RSPB annual State of Nature Report 2016 reports nature is faring far worse in the UK than most other countries.

One final look at the trees that were standing tall and healthy this morning:




One Response to Yet more trees come down on old council depot site

  1. admin October 26, 2016 at 9:02 pm #

    STOP PRESS! It has emerged that trees belonging to the Holt Estate were cut down during this felling. Understandably they are not happy and are looking into how this ‘oversight’ occurred!

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