Where will you get your prescriptions filled?

Kirkbymoorside chemist Towler’s has just circulated information about the recent letter from a national online company offering to dispense our prescriptions.  Towler’s called their circular “important information” and we agee, so we’re repeating it here in case you missed it.  This is what Rory and Jo Towler have to say:

The letter has not been initiated by your GP surgery, this pharmacy or the NHS.

As a small local business we value our customers greatly and aim to provide you with excellent service and support. Please be aware that if you sign up to an online pharmacy you will be transferring your business to them, your prescriptions will stop coming to us and will no longer be our responsibility.

If you wish us to continue providing your prescriptions please ignore the letters.

If you have already responded to their letter but wish to cancel the agreement with them, it is easy to change back.  Call in to the shop or ring us and we can do this for you.”

This is a prime example of how we can work together to keep local shops and services alive in our community.  Let’s do it!



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