whoopWHOOP! 2018

Fundraising for York Against Cancer.

In June 2017 we decided to raise money for York Against Cancer, a local charity very close to our hearts. It provides care and support to people affected by cancer and their families – not just in York but more widely in North and East Yorkshire. We wanted to show those people living amongst us with cancer and their families that they’re part of a wider family – the Yorkshire family – and that we care about how they are and we want them to have the best care possible when they need it most.

Let’s Celebrate!

We live in a fantastic area: wonderful people, breathtaking scenery and top class businesses and organisations. There’s so much to be proud of right here on our doorstep and we wanted to celebrate that too. What better way than to hold an Afternoon Tea Party in the heart of our very own food capital of Yorkshire, Malton? Luckily, the wonderful team at The Talbot Hotel agreed and offered to host it without any hesitation. That was a really great moment for us.

Showcasing Local Businesses

We also wanted to showcase the work and generosity of our local businesses through a Prize Draw. We knew we were on to something when the first business we approached, Inntravel, immediately offered us a holiday to Prague. That got us whooping!

Soon we realised that most of the prizes would come from the food and tourism industry. Yet we knew other businesses would want to show their support too. They are such a vital part of our community, employing many of us, and often providing incredible practical and emotional support when we fall ill or the people we love do. So we launched the whoopWHOOP! 2018 Business Club; a group of truly amazing businesses that have pledged to make a donation if we sell 1,000 tickets for our Prize Draw. We’re so determined to do that but we’re definitely going to need your help.

Help Us make whoopWHOOP! 2018 a Success

Whether it’s coming to our stunning Afternoon Tea Party, buying a ticket or two for our fabulous Prize Draw, donating a prize or joining our whoopWHOOP! 2018 Business Club, please help us make whoopWHOOP! 2018 a success and something we can all be proud of. Let’s show just how much we care. And let’s have fun together too!

Thank you for your support.

Shirley and Dee

Find out the latest prizes added to our draw by following us on Twitter @WhoopWhoop2018



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