Your vote needed for the Moorsbus

If you shop at the Co-op, you can vote for Co-op funding to go to Moorsbus services for Kirkbymoorside.

Around 40% of Moorsbus passengers have a car, but leave it at home. We topped 10,000 passenger journeys in 2017, so by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads, Moorsbus is helping to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and our carbon footprint. Moorsbus services are paid for by Moorsbus Community Interest Company, and we need funding. Because of long rural routes, the fares and passes only cover around 30% of bus hire costs. We are all volunteers, and all the funds go to buses apart from £1000 each year for timetable leaflets to publicise the services.

On the Co-op Website, Moorsbus are listed under North Yorkshire Moors Association.

Please vote soon, the round closes on 21st November.

If you need help to vote, this nice chap from Birkenhead in the video will tell you how!

Thank you.


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