Talk on Roman Aldborough

The winter programme of talks offered by the Helmsley Archaeological and Historical Society concludes next Friday with Professor Martin Millett on the subject of “Aldborough – new research on the Roman town of Isurium Brigantum“.

Isurium Brigantum (Roman Aldborough) was the administrative centre of a large part of northern Britain, but because it is overlain by a medieval village, it is comparatively poorly understood.

The site at Aldborough is managed by English Heritage, which says:

One corner of the site is laid out amid a Victorian arboretum, and two mosaic pavements can be viewed in their original positions. The site’s fascinating museum has an outstanding collection of Roman finds.”

Since 2009 a project based at Cambridge University has been seeking to provide a better understanding of the town through the use of a variety of remote sensing methods. This survey provides much new evidence, and allows us to think more clearly about the history of the site. This lecture will present the results of this work.

Photo courtesy of English Heritage

Professor Millett is Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. His research interests include Romano-British settlement in northern England including rural settlement (Romano-British settlement in Yorkshire), excavations and survey at Thwing, as well as the survey at Aldborough, in collaboration with Rose Ferraby.

If you can’t attend, or would like a taster, you can hear a whole hour’s talk on this topic given by Professor Millett in 2014 to the Society of Atiquaries, here.

Friday April 21 at the Committee Room of the North York Moors National Park Offices in Helmsley, courtesy of NYMNPA.   The talk will be at 7.30pm, following the Society’s annual general meeting which begins at 6.50pm. Non members are very welcome to the talk, just lurk at the back if the meeting hasn’t finished when you arrive.



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