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A message from Nicola Ward:

I walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks which is nearly the same distance as the London Marathon just a bit more mountainous, in August 2016. I raised money for a local hospice after seeing the great care they provide for the patients at the Surgery I work for. This was a tough challenge for me as I never used to walk anywhere. The first time I walked six miles I was knackered – it seemed like such a major achievement. We were soon building our miles up and our fundraising. We raised just over £1500 between three of us. Walking on the day every time I thought about how sore my feet were or that I couldn’t possibly take another step I thought of the money we were raising and of the patients who wouldn’t get the chance to do what we were doing or see the beautiful views we could. The sense of achievement at the end was just fantastic. I was on a high!

I wanted that high again and knew that I could walk the distance so why not run it! I applied for a ballot place for the London Marathon…I didn’t get a ballot place but I did luckily enough get a charity place with Hospice UK. Running does not come easy to me….I struggled and sometimes still do to run a mile! When I started training it was difficult, I couldn’t get my breathing right, I couldn’t find my pace and everything seemed to be able to make it look very easy. I read lots on the internet, borrowed books from the library and tried the techniques. None worked. It wasn’t until I read Graeme Hilditch’s book he wrote about running 5K and 10K for cancer research and in this book he says as humans we are built to run and to stop thinking about it and just do it. My next run I stopped thinking about it and just ran and it seemed to fall into place. I could feel that running was getting a little bit easier and my distances were getting a little further. I have been hit by injury and illness but I’m still trying to get the miles in and my next race is a trail half marathon at the beginning of February which will be the furthest ever distance I have run.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me so far either by kind words, raffle prizes and sponsorship. It means the world to know I have so much support. Please visit my fundraising page and, if you feel able, make a donation. I hope to do you all proud on the day.

As you can see from poster below I am also having a fundraising 80s disco – please come!

Nicola xx

Nicola's fundraising disco poster


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