NYCC elections: Liberal Democrats manifesto

More from the candidates in the forthcoming election to represent the Kirkbymoorside Division on the North Yorkshire County Council.  Here’s Steve Mason for the Liberal Democrats.

As your local Liberal Democrats candidate I am asking you vote for me in the North Yorkshire County Council elections on May 4th.

I came to Yorkshire in 1991 to work and study in Leeds where I trained in design and manufacture and now my work is based in Nunnington near Helmsley.

There is nothing more important to me than my family; my two young boys growing up in Ryedale are my driving force in standing for the Liberal Democrats in this election. I want them to thrive in an open, tolerant and progressive community.

My campaigning on various issues has sparked my interest in local politics and working together as part of ‘TeamLibDems’, with the aim of applying the expertise of our councillors and local members, I will strive:

  • To make North Yorkshire a ‘Frack Free Zone’.
  • To make sure our local schools get proper funding.
  • To lobby for a solution for health and social care.
  • To introduce progressive ideas like renewable energy projects for local communities.
  • To campaign to retain local amenities such as libraries, banks and sports facilities and protect ‘natural assets’ like footpaths and rights of way for residents and visitors alike.
  • To lobby for extra support for staff and volunteers who are the cornerstone of local services and provide the ‘cement’ to keep our community together.
  • Liberal Democrats are lobbying central government for more funds for Health and Social care, speaking out against school funding changes and are campaigning for our continued full access of the single market post Brexit. The Liberal Democrats are the only real opposition to a ‘Hard Brexit’.

Thirsk and Malton Lib Dems are pushing hard to promote our national policy to ban fracking in the UK. Local members have advised MPs and Peers about fracking, an issue that puts Ryedale in the centre of the national debate and separates us from the Conservatives, fracking will lead to the industrialisation of the countryside and will have a huge effect on our rural economy and lifestyle. Even our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are now threatened by the fracking industry.

There is constant pressure on our roads and rights of way network from seasonal and recreational use and there has been little thought on future planning given to the issue. Our roads are getting worse with car damaging pot holes, town parking is at a premium and our footpaths, bridle ways and green lanes are disintegrating from misuse and erosion and threatened with closure. The Liberal Democrats will consult the public to seek solutions to this and other issues across the county.

I take pleasure in helping to raise money through sport, running tournaments and teams for the benefit of local charities, but I also want to see more council support for clubs and societies. It is time for change. For too long the Conservatives have ruled North Yorkshire unchecked and an alternative voice is needed. Division and complacency has led to inaction. If elected I will try to bring common sense to County Hall, by listening to resident concerns and being proactive for the benefit of all. I genuinely believe I have Ryedale’s best interests at heart and will strive to keep it a great place for all.

I hope you will vote for me in the upcoming election and together we can make a change for the better.

Steve Mason
Liberal Democrats candidate for Kirkbymoorside Division

The blog has no political affiliation, we are happy to publish a statement from any of the candidates for the Kirkbymoorside division in this election. Ed 




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