No Dig gardening guru comes to York

Recognised as one of the leading experts on the increasingly popular method of gardening without digging or disturtubing the soil, Charles Dowding, is undertaking a talk next month in York.

This should be of interest to all gardeners, particularly those who like to grow fruit and vegetables.

Here’s a video where you can learn more about his approach:

Charles will be speaking at the St Saviourgate Methodist Church in York on Tuesday, January 30th – 6.30-8.30pm.

Charles Dowding York talk 30th January 2018


By donation on the night or £5 in advance if you’d like to reserve a seat near the stage. Please use the booking form at the bottom of this page or pay by cash/cheque (payable to ‘Friends of St Nicholas Fields’) at the Environment Centre. We regret we are unable to accept bookings over the phone for this event.

More info

UK’s ‘King of No Dig’ Charles Dowding is an acclaimed innovator of no dig, organic growing since 1983. His original, weed free methods give superb results in both small and large areas. He sells produce from his no dig garden in South Somerset, has written nine books, writes for national and international magazines, runs a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million views, appears on tv and radio including BBC Gardeners World, and teaches extensively at home and abroad. Below you can watch one of his many videos explaining the benefits of no dig gardening.

This will be an illustrated, one hour talk on how to encourage soil life, enjoy easier harvests, and enable your garden to become part of the solution to so many environmental problems. Followed by questions and answers. Charles will explain:

  • How he makes, buys and uses compost of different kinds.
  • How to clear perennial weeds with mulches, including couch grass and bindweed.
  • How to maintain a no dig plot, with an annual mulch of compost. This sequesters carbon, instead of releasing it by digging/tiling.

As well as reducing the time and effort needed to cultivate and weed, no dig and mulches of organic matter have these other benefits:

  • earlier harvests thanks to a dark surface and busy soil life
  • fewer weeds, especially in summer and autumn
  • a smaller area needed to crop the same amount
  • less watering
  • soil drains well thanks to undisturbed channels made by worms and other organisms
  • a longer harvest season, because successional sowing and planting in summer is so easy

All good for the health of our soil’s inhabitants, us and the environment!

Talk review Feb 2017 from Lympstone, Devon: “He is clearly both artist and scientist. As an artist, he works with the medium of soil and seasons to create a changing mosaic of edible abundance and colour. As a scientist he has developed repeatable methods of production employing nature’s deepest principles of economy.”

St Nicks is very excited that Charles has accepted our invitation and is coming to York as part of his Northern tour. His methods fit very well within the One Planet Living principles which St Nicks promotes so we aim to give him a warm welcome in York – please help spread the word and fill the hall. You’ll be able to buy some some of Charles’s books on the night.



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