New literature and history courses with the WEA

Time to get the brain in gear after the excesses of the festive season? Here are a couple of new courses on offer from the Pickering branch of the WEA which might tempt you.

Great Yorkshire Literature from Andrew Marvell to Alan Bennett

Tutor Judith Carter will encourage students to look at different genres of literature including novels, poetry, plays and dramatic monologues. The connection with Yorkshire will allow consideration of how influential  this particular setting has been to writing.

Tuesdays beginning January 9, 1.30 to 3.30 pm

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Explore the history and culture of late Imperial Rome, from the reign of Severus to the emergence of the barbarian successor states.

Fridays from January 12 10.00 to 12.00 noon.

Emperor Severus

Both courses:

  • run for 10 sessions,
  • will be held at the Memorial Hall in Pickering,
  • cost £70.00 each.

You can enrol on line at



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