Manor Vale’s Ancient Ash

Ancient trees in Ryedale are being catalogued in an initiative by the district council to ensure their future is secured. One of these is a magnificent ash found at the northern edge of Manor Vale Woodland.

Manor Vale is a narrow, Y-shaped dry valley cut into the Jurassic strata of the Tabular Hills which form the southern fringe of the North York Moors. It is located at the northern edge of the town, within easy reach of the town centre. Manor Vale is extensively used by the local community for quiet recreation and has open public access.

Formerly part of a mediaeval deer park, the remains of a castle wall and Scheduled Ancient Monument, are located in the south-east corner of the site adjacent to Castlegate Lane.

Manor Vale woodland is run by a management committee, which consists of councillors and members of the public, together with advisors. The Committee meets every 3 months for a site visit and subsequent meeting.

The Committee decided to plant a hawthorn hedge along an exposed area on the top path. The hedge has now been planted and is doing well. Volunteers undertook some hedge laying in January 2010. Read the Ryedale Biodiversity Action Plan (pdf).



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