Local builder takes his skills to Slovakia

Stephen Pickering owner of Stephen Pickering Traditional Building Services Ltd recently spent seven days in the small village of Lisov in Slovakia.

He along with a number of other trainers helped to teach traditional building skills such as lime plastering and stonemasonry to the locals. Whilst onsite they were also involved in the building of a replica Celtic roundhouse in the grounds of the Lisov museum, funded by ERASMUS European Student Exchange programme who run projects in Cyprus, Ireland Norway and Iceland as well as in Cumbria.

This was a follow on from Stephens previous visit to Viscri in Romania through The Prince of Wale Trust nearly two years ago. Here he was involved with consolidation works to a Transylvanian fortified church and appeared on Romanian news explaining the process of core grouting a wall.

Both trips were important as a means to bring different cultures and working methods together.

It was quite an eye opener to still see the way village life existed some one hundred years ago before mass tourism. Very few people in both countries had cars nor TV’s. Water was from a hand pump and wolves were still common along with Black bears and Lynx in the vast forested areas.

An incredible experience.

Find out more about Stephen Pickering who is based in Nawton.


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