Last posting dates for Christmas

Already it’s time again to start thinking about the Christmas cards.  

If you want to use “international economy” (which we used to call surface mail) to “Australia, New Zealand and all other non-European destinations (except Middle East, South Africa, Far East, USA and Canada” you’ve missed by a mile, as the last posting date was September 27.

But assuming you live in the modern world and will be using air mail to friends overseas, the last posting dates range from December 2 (Africa and the Middle East) to the 16th for our near neighbours in Europe (Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg). You can find a full list of destinations and dates on the post office website.

And the crucial date for all of us: the final date for posting inland mail for arrival before Christmas is December 20 for second class and December 21 for first class.

The Kirkby post office has a handy leaflet, “A quick guide to our seasonal services” and, of course, Christmas stamps. 



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