The Kirkdale Lecture 2017

Parsons, Patronage and Peasantry in the later archives of Kirkdale.

St Gregory’s Minster

Archival materials belonging to the University of Oxford, owners of the Vicarage of Kirkdale since the mid-17th century, affords many glimpses of parochial life in the moorland parish of Kirkdale – never a wealthy parish. Successive vicars, poorly paid, lacking a vicarage house, obliged to ride on horseback across the moors to visit remote parishioners, sometimes struggled heroically to make ends meet and to maintain the repair, the dignity and the serviceability of their ancient and decaying St Gregory’s Minster.

At the same time, over the late 18th and 19th centuries the Church of England clergy were unpopular in many rural areas. Parson, folk said, hobbled too closely with the gentry and complained of hardship whilst collecting fat tithes ….

Professor SAJ Bradley FSA will undertake the lecture at St Gregory’s Minster on Saturday 6th May beginning at 2.30pm. Admission free. All welcome.

Following the lecture complimentary light refreshments and an opportunity to talk with the lecturer are offered in the Millennium Room, St Hilda’s Church, Beadlam.

Enquiries: The Honorary Secretary, tel: 01751 430255.



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