Kirkbymoorcider and juice: Stock up for Christmas

From Kirkby Fruit Project:

Come and say ‘hello’ and have a warming sample of our mulled cider or spiced apple juice.

When we sold cider mulling kits at the Christmas market, we were asked by those pressed for time at Christmas (isn’t that all of us?) if we also had bottles of ready mulled cider.  Well, we didn’t then, but we do now.

Kirkby Fruit Project will be in Towlers Arch this coming Wednesday, December 20, selling bottles of mulled cider, along with the kits (bottle and spices) for mulling your own. Packets of our mulling spices, specially designed for cider, will also be on offer, together with the full range of cider, spiced apple juice, and a range of apple juice. Something for everyone.

The perfect last minute present, unique to Kirkbymoorside.  Apple juice £2.50, spiced apple juice £3.00, cider £3.00, and mulled cider £4.00 a bottle. Gift bags of mulling kits (cider and spices) £4.00, and spice bags 50p.
If you would like to be sure of your purchase, you can pre-order by emailing

Cider will also be available for as long as stocks last at Kirkby News, and juice both there and at the Summit Bakery.

Merry Christmas!

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