Kirkby Fruit Project calls time on apple donations

From Kirkby Fruit Project:

A big big thank you to all the lovely people who have donated their apples to Kirkby Fruit Project this year. Apples of all shapes and sizes have poured in, in quantities big and small, and thanks to your generosity we have juiced over five tons!

As a result, we have about as many bottles of juice and cider as we are likely to sell, and the volunteers are just about on their knees. And to cap it all, there has been such a run on bottles this year that our wholesaler is temporarily out of stock. So we have decided that we must call a halt here, so thank you again, but we can’t accept any more apple donations this year.

However, there is a Community Juicing on Sunday, so if you still have apples and would like juice, why not bring them along? Follow the link for details.

The new season’s juice is now available, still at the old price of £2.50 a bottle, from Summit Bakery and Kirkby News.  Both shops will be happy to take your empty bottles back for re-use next year.


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