Job vacancy for holiday courier

This sounds like a great job opportunity, from EYMS:

East Yorkshire Coaches is currently recruiting for a Holiday Courier to escort holidays on our 2018 programme.

You’ll travel on longer tours (5-6 days) and stay with the group for the tour, providing friendly and knowledgeable care to make holidaymakers’ breaks even more enjoyable, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

So basically, you’ll get to travel the country (and onto the continent), explore some amazing places and meet lots of lovely people!  What’s not to like?

You’ll need to have great customer service skills and be confident speaking to customers both in front of a large group on a microphone, and on a one-to-one basis.  You’ll need to be smart, professional, and calm when dealing with any issues that may occur.  You’ll also have to be prepared to work away from home for 5 to 6 days at a time.  A good understanding of geography and travel across the UK would be helpful.

Think this could be you?  Find out more and how to apply on our website.



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