Helmsley Walled Garden reopens for new season

From Helmsley Walled Garden:

The Garden re-opened to visitors for the 2017 season on April 1st.

Sad to say that the spring display of bulbs within the grass is not as good as it has been, and that is due to several factors, the main ones being the garden visitors; in this instance the animal variety.  The squirrels, the pheasants and the mice have all contributed to this situation.  Later however the garden itself will have a display of ‘on trend’ flowers.  These will be Zinnias and you will see a special show for the year: they will be at their best in August/September.

The cottage garden has been completely emptied and will be filled with annuals this year, so that we can get on top of all the weeds before planting perennials in future seasons. It is much easier to remove the weeds when only shallow rooted annuals are in place.

You will also find that the hedges have been reduced in height over the winter period.  This gives us better access and allows us to use small platforms rather than scaffolding and all the health and safety implications in using that equipment.  So, from now onwards, the hedges will be six feet in height.

The vegetable plots will be filled with a greater variety of heritage varieties.  These have been taken from gardens around the country and supplied to us by the Heritage Seed Library (HSL), a national charity conserving seed variety.  Indeed we are working towards being guardians for HSL too.  Helen our head gardener is going to be maintaining a flourishing display for you to see over the coming months.

Finally, Spring is a little late this year, and with the relatively poor showing of the bulbs, we aren’t quite looking our best yet, so for a limited period we are offering two for one on the entrance fee.

Our opening times remain the same – seven days a week, 10am-5pm, until 31st October 2017.  We are looking forward to seeing you.





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