The Guardian recommends Sunday lunch at the Star Inn

Readers of The Guardian will know that it recently published a list of the 50 Best Sunday Lunches to be had, nationwide.  Included in ‘the North’ was the Star Inn just down the road at Harome. Here’s what they had to say:

The Star Inn conjures the feeling of JRR Tolkein’s hobbit-filled Shire as you approach, the hillocky landscape slightly obscuring the view of the thatched pub from one angle. The effect gives its front door a miraculous feel, as though you have crossed into another realm to reach it. A heavily beamed. 14th century interior does nothing to dispel this otherworldly, other-species feeling. I prefer the pub side to the Michelin-starred restaurant, though the latter is chic and ideal for special occasions, such as weddings. It’s not cheap, but the price of the Sunday roast is merely eyebrow raising, rather than once-a-year expensive. Something fancy always happens with black pudding – some stack or sausage roll – and the crackling is world-beating.



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