Fortnightly Flower – Chrysanthemum – 10% Discount!!

Liz from Busy Liz’s Floral Design choose this popular Chrysanthemum ‘Tom Pearce’ for highlighting on the blog this time and would like to extend a special 10% off for any autumnal arrangement for readers of the blog!

All you need to do is say you saw this offer on the town blog and you’ll receive this excellent discount.

Chrysanthemums are the national flower of Japan and a symbol of royalty to the Chinese. The Chinese consider them the flower of autumn, although they are available all year round. Superb English grown Chrysanthemums are available in autumn.

Chrysanthemums have been very popular for years in the UK due to their amazing longevity and reasonable cost. Although they were seen to be out of fashion in recent years they have made a big come back with the introduction of many new varieties and colours.

A particular favourites is Tom Pearce, a rich two tone bronze and gold bloom with petals that curve upwards.



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