Film Extras wanted

I am holding a casting event for Extras in Leeds this weekend, Sat 03 & Sun 04 and wanted to extend the invite to your readers.

Our casting platform, called We Got POP, have worked on some major films including: Everest (2015), Mr.Holmes (2015), Night at the Museum (2014) and lots more! We currently have TV and Film jobs in West Yorkshire and are looking for locals to take part for paid work on the projects. The filming takes place in West Yorkshire, Leeds and surrounding areas. 16yrs-99yrs. No Acting Exp required.

I’d love to invite anyone interested in getting involved to our event at the weekend.

Anyone interested should apply here.

Please spread the word with family and friends, Facebook, your inbox! I’d love to get as many people involved as possible

Thank you for your help.

Weston Webb
Casting Assistant



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