Up coming events at York Waterstones

Lots of exciting events taking place in October at Waterstones bookshop in Coney Street, York. Here’s a sample.

  • October 2: Crime writer Liz Mistry launches her third novel
  • October 4: afternoon tea at Betty’s with York’s favourite author, Kate Atkinson
  • October 9: biographer Claire Tomlin turns the spotlight on her own life
  • October 14: another crime writer, launches her new novel
  • October 18: meet Gill Lewis, author of best-selling children’s books
  • October 21: Deborah Pearson will be signing copies of her new book
  • October 26: meet Nigella Lawson, as she signs copies of her latest book, At My Table.
  • October 30: meet Julian Norton, aka The Yorkshire Vet, signing copies of his latest book, Through the Seasons

For full details of these and other events, visit Waterstone’s website, here.



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