The art of building small: Molecular switches and motors

One for the seriously minded scientists among us.

Ben Feringa

Nobel Prize winning chemist, Professor Ben Feringa is giving a talk entitled “The art of building small: Molecular switches and motors“, which will uncover the research of his multinational team of chemists, physicists and biologists on molecular switches and motors and the endless possibilities of building new molecules. Will the surgeons of the future be micro robots? Could paint scratches repair themselves? Professor Feringa invites us to imagine the  at unimaginable…

There is an explanatory video on the web (link below) which I confess left me reeling, but this is obviously a rare opportunity for chemists to hear a world class researcher in person.

University of York, Wednesday September 6, 6.30 pm. Admission is free, but by pre-booked ticket only. More details and bookings here.



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