Apple squashing time

From the Kirkby Fruit Project:

Have you sampled and enjoyed the apple juice made by the Kirkby Fruit Project? Or maybe our delicious KirkbymoorCider? Well, the new production season is upon us, and the Project is looking for some new volunteers to swell the ranks: could you be one?

Before you say no, I know nothing about juicing, just glance at the list of tasks that need doing:

  • collecting apples
  • juicing
  • cider making
  • sticking labels
  • making jams, preserves etc.
  • making up/packing gift boxes
  • help on Christmas market/ Rogers apple weekend/ cider launch
  • community juicing days
  • washing returned bottles

And then of course there are some social get-togethers to celebrate the start and end of the juicing season and anything else we can think of!

Kirkbymoorside Fruit Pickers Christmas Fair 2013

Manning the stall at the Christmas Market

Just to remind you, our project started with a desire to do something useful with the tons (literally tons) of apples that fall off  trees and rot each autumn, and this remains our primary aim.  A useful bi-product is a comfortable cash surplus, which we donate to good causes in the town, and all regular volunteers get a say in how the grants are allocated. Elsewhere on the blog you can find our annual report for 2016 with information about our activities and the causes we supported.

The new apple crop is looking good, the first consignment has already arrived and we are working towards being ready for the first juicing session on 1st September. It looks like another busy season is ahead of us.

If you think you could help, even with just one or two sessions, please speak to Chris Simmonds on 01751 430695 or email No experience is required!




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