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Kirkbymoorside is not a chocolate-box kind of place and though we welcome many visitors through the year we’re not a hot spot for tourists as our neighbours Pickering, Hutton-le-Hole, Helmsley and Thornton-le-Dale are.  You can pass by along the A170 and barely notice our existence, however in recent years thanks to the fantastic efforts of the Town Council, civic groups such as Kirkby in Bloom, the Environment Group and the History Group, as well as new shops adding renewed vigour to the high streets, this small market town enjoys a self-sufficiency and a high quality of life that thankfully doesn’t rely on the vagaries of a short tourist season.

And there’s so much going on!

The town has an amazing range of individuals – activists, artists, musicians, community workers, volunteers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, historians, sports enthusiasts and more – all of whom contribute to make Kirkbymoorside a really vibrant and fascinating place to live.

This blog therefore has one simple aim – to reflect life in the town in all its diversity.


Gareth Jenkins – founder and editor

Resident of the town for 14 years Gareth launched the blog without any great thought other than it seemed a good idea at the time. Now nearly three years later the project sits alongside his other activities which include being a public speaking trainer, an on-line bookseller, a theatre director and a taxi-driver for his two children.


Jean Richards – co editor

Jean was born in Coventry a very long time ago, read History at London University, married Stewart Richards, and ran away to the colonies, where she lived and worked for 30 years. Returning to England on retirement, newly widowed, she settled in Kirkbymoorside simply because she liked it, and subsequently regularised her immigrant status by marrying Yorkshireman John Stewart. Her interests, some of which are reflected in her blog posts, include theatre, oral history, family history, church architecture, walking, cats, playing freecell and watching her husband dig their allotment.

Additional contributors

Louise Mudd covers history and a good number of school events and Helen Gundry gives us a green angle as a key member of the environment group & transition town team.

More contributors are always welcome whether your medium is text, photos, videos or audio – it would be great to hear from you.

Please feel free to comment on any of the entries and send me details of any stories or events you wish to be included.

Contact details:

t. 01751 430 116

m. 07875018888

e. ragar@pcxinternet.com

twitter @kirkbyboy

mail: 26 High Market Place, Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, YO62 6BQ


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